New acquisition: Work, by Leah Jensen

Jensen made this vessel in response to Ford Madox Brown’s painting Work. Her process involved first hand coiling and forming the vessel. Following this she surrounded the unfired pot with paper reproductions of Brown’s painting and pressed dozens of pins through the paper into the clay at points of visual and narrative interest in the painting. (more…)


Beverly Ryan’s Drones Reappear

Artist and Art League instructor Beverly Ryan’s Drone Silhouette seems to be suspended in air, blades whirling off the ground and ready to strike. This recurring, spider-shaped figure permeates Ryan’s recent work and was the subject of her March solo exhibit in The Art League Gallery. (more…)


Promoting Your Art on YouTube

Connect with new and existing fans, as well as other artists by promoting your art on YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing platform. When anyone wants to watch or share a video, YouTube is the place they go. Art videos have become especially popular in recent years, with everyone, from world-famous sculptors to painters to museums curating their own channels. If you’re new to this marketing technique, creating videos of yourself might seem like a daunting task, but fans [...]